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Thing #13 – Media Skills

March 23, 2014

ImageI will admit that my media skills are not as strong as they could/should be, although they have gotten better over the past few years.  And I don’t think this is necessarily a technology problem, as the many photos I have stuffed away in envelopes and shoeboxes waiting to be put in albums will attest to.  There are so many tools in this week’s post that will keep me busy long after this session of Cool Tools is finished.  For this week’s post, I made some posters to put in my library and enhance some of my displays.  I used the Keep Calm-o-matic, and found it very easy to use.  I picked some different photos that I uploaded to them, and changed the text to what I wanted.  This was an easy way to make signs that students will recognize, but it could also be used for classroom activities as well.  I could see students creating posters that would reflect the main ideas of their independent reading books, they could be used to establish classroom rules, just about anything.

Beyond this post, my goal is to get better at photo editing.  I use PhotoBucket for many of my photos, but I will definitely try out some of the options suggested in this week’s post.

This is the poster I created using our school colors.  I tried to find a good tiger to include our mascot, but that didn’t work out.  But this is printed out and hanging in the entry to the library.

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