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Thing #14 – Social Reading & Book Stuff

March 22, 2014

This is a great topic, and really speaks to me as a librarian who strives to blend reading and technology.  I am already active in several of the tools discussed this week – I have accounts on both GoodReads and Shelfari, although I use them in slightly different ways.  I use Shelfari in school, and have several students and faculty who have joined in.  It’s fun to discuss books with students, I’m always surprised at how much feedback I get from them!  I use my GoodReads accounts in a more professional manner.  That is where most librarians in my PLN seem to be, and I participate in a Mock Printz group there.  One of the best features of both GoodReads and Shelfari is the ability to set reading goals and track them.  All of our ELA teachers will be incorporating an independent reading component to their curriculum for the fourth quarter of this year, and then into next year.  I’m contemplating using our school Shelfari account to help students stay on track, and also allow teachers to monitor student progress.

I also have OverDrive in my library – we have 36 nooks in our library which are circulated to students for both pleasure and assigned reading.  Right now I only offer the titles available on our BOCES account, which is pretty extensive.  I require students to select and download books to the devices before they leave the library, and it’s worked well so far.  Our circulation numbers have held steady over the last two years, and I’m hoping to do more with OverDrive ebooks next year.

The new activity I chose for this week’s topic was to participate in my first Twitter chat.  I heard about the #yalove YA Lit chat on LM_Net, and it was a great opportunity to talk about YA lit and expand my PLN at the same time.  The genre we discussed was fantasy, and I’ve never really considered myself a fantasy reader.  But when we started talking about titles and authors, I realized I have read more fantasy than I’ve previously thought.  And I got some great new titles to add to my library wish list!  Since this was my first time participating in a Twitter chat, I felt a little slow at first, but it was easy to get the hang of it.  And the chats are being archived on a wiki, which will be nice to look back at.  Definitely a good experience, and one that I’ll do again!

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