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Thing #10 – Websites, Portfolios, & Pathfinders

June 30, 2012

I have been reminded by my principal several times during my non-tenured teacher meetings that I need to start gathering information for my professional portfolio that is required of all new teachers.  Because I am much more comfortable with electronic things versus paper things, I really wanted to do this online rather than the binders of stuff that I saw other teachers putting together.  I already have an electronic portfolio on Weebly, that served the dual purposes of satisfying a requirement for completing my MSLIS and being ready for job searches.  Rather than just update my existing portfolio, I decided to try a new website on a different platform. 

The decision to go with Google Sites was an easy one – I love all things Google, and have integrated many of their tools into my personal and professional lives.  After an initial hiccup when I started with a template I was not crazy about, I am really pleased with how easy it is to use Google Sites.  I think this will be a good platform for my portfolio, I’m already familiar with the editors Google uses, and I’m happy with this decision.  The biggest challenge of doing this module was that most of the material I want/need to put on this site is back at school, so the site is still very much a work in progress.

The best part of this module is that I can really see that Google Sites will be very useful to me with both faculty and students.  Since most of the students I work with have used Google Docs in the past year, they all have Google Accounts.  This would make setting up a website on Google Sites very easy.  It’s also very easy to set the share settings in Google, so that student work can be done in a protected way. 

My Portfolio

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