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Thing#4 – RSS

March 18, 2012

I have to say that RSS is one of my favorite tools.  I love blogs, and I follow lots of different blogs:  library blogs, food blogs, travel blogs.  Part of my online routine prior to discovering RSS feeds was to check my favorite blogs for new posts on almost a daily basis, and check the others when I had time and remembered to.  What a waste of time!!

I now have all my favorite blogs feeding into my Google Reader, which is on display on my iGoogle page.  It’s great, because I can catch up on all the posts I haven’t read yet, or I can easily click on a specific blog, link over to it, and further explore that.  The only drawback that I can see is that you miss out on the blog interface, so if it’s something with a lot of helpful widgets and other tools, going directly to the blog might be preferable.

This is something that I will definitely use with my Current Events class.  I have worked with that teacher to create lessons on how students can find and organize their news, and this fits very nicely with that.

I am looking at NetVibes for use in my library, mainly because of the option to make a public page.  This would be extremely useful, as I could link to it right from my webpage.

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  1. April 11, 2012 12:30 am

    Terrific! I love RSS too. Fellow geek. 🙂

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