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June 20, 2011

The paradoxical statement that change is the only constant rings true right now for me.  Last month, my husband was offered a job about two hours away from where we currently live.  On a lark, I applied for a school library job in the same area, hoping to at least get some interviewing experience.  I got called for a first interview, and was hoping to get my thoughts out coherently.  It must have worked, because I got called for a second interview, which also included a sample lesson.  I did a sample lesson for 8th graders on the “ethical use of information” – I did a mini-lesson on music downloading, complete with a Google docs quiz. 

Throughout the process, I relied heavily on what I learned throughout my coursework at SU, especially my school media classes.  I also relied on a network of professionals, some of whom I have never met:  the LM_NET listserv, my online friend and high school librarian Nancy, and the handful of library blogs that I follow.  Most especially I have to thank my wonderful mentors, the librarians who were so giving of their time, knowledge and experience – MaryAnn and Kathleen, thank you so much.

In keeping with the changes in my life, I have changed the title of this blog.  It is more fitting now, as I have delved into the library world and emerged as a full-fledged school librarian.  Thanks for all who have been on this journey with me, and I look forward to the next phase of it!

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