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Tim Green visits Chenango Forks

September 23, 2009

this was in my local newspaper recently. I have two of his books on hold, and my 11 year old son can’t wait to get started on them.

By George Basler
CHENANGO FORKS — Just like star athletes need to lift weights to exercise their bodies, star students need to read books to exercise their minds, a former National Football League player told middle school students Monday.

Tim Green, who played eight years with the Atlanta Falcons and is now a best-selling author of 15 books for adults and adolescents, brought his message about the importance of reading to students at Chenango Forks Middle School.
While describing himself as “a voracious reader,” Green said many young people view reading as “a miserable exercise.” He blames adults for this, saying they assign adolescents to read books that are not entertaining for them, not fun and “like eating cardboard.”
“First and foremost, I write to entertain,” Green said. If his books help people to open their minds to reading, it’s an added plus, he said.
Green has made 151 school appearances in the last two years. His appearance at Chenango Forks was arranged by Patricia Sweeney, the library media specialist.
Sweeney said one reason she wanted Green to come and talk is because his books appeal to “reluctant readers,” boys especially.
“His characters deal with everyday conflicts that adolescents can relate to,” she said.
The students listened intently during Green’s 45-minute presentation.
“His message is that you’ve got to read to move on in life,” said Taylor Robinson, 11, a sixth grader. Eighth grader C.J. Stark, 13, said he read one of Green’s books and liked it.
As important as sports are, school is more important because, while sports will end, success in school will impact someone’s entire life, Green told the students.
Give books a chance, he added. He compared them to carnival rides. Find one you like and then buckle up and take off, he said.

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