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Weekend residency

September 14, 2009

I was back up at Syracuse for a weekend residency for IST 663, which is Motivation and Information Literacy. It was co-taught by our professor for the course, Dr. Ruth Small and also by Dr. Marilyn Arnone from SU’s School of Education. They have done some amazing work in motivational studies in information literacy programs, and it was a good weekend. (And I must say here that the Sheraton was much nicer to stay in than the dorm!)

In addition to learning many strategies to motivate students in school media programs, it is always good to be around other iSchool and school media students. The amount of sharing that goes on is astounding. This class was a good mix of first year students like myself, and second year students, many of whom have completed more courses and even some fieldwork and practica. Everyone in the program is so gracious about sharing knowledge, tips and ideas, which is a true embodiment of the profession we are preparing to enter.

All the talk of technology,teaching, books, helping people find the information they need – I just can’t wait to do all this! Ultimately what all this talk of information literacy and motivation does – it MOTIVATES ME!

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