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Fall 2009 and some other stuff…….

August 26, 2009

First off, Fall 2009 – Classes start next Monday (less than a week now), and I have access to them online. I am taking three(!) classes this semester, and I’m not sure if that’s an exercise in stupidity or a smart move. I’m hoping for the latter though, and starting to get to work already. I’m taking Reference and Information Literacy Services (hereafter referred to as 605); Survey of Telecommunications and Information Policy (hereafter referred to as 618); and, Motivation and Information Literacy (hereafter referred to as 663). I’m looking forward to starting them and getting a routine down.

Now for the other stuff – One of the reasons Syracuse attracted my attention was the online program. Distance students at the iSchool have pretty much the same status as campus students, receive the same courses and degrees, are indistinguishable. The one exception in this is University College, which is a department/branch/whatever that handles the administrative functions for distance students – things like registration, financial aid, etc. Today I noticed on my account that I have a dreaded Bursar’s hold, which means I need to find out what’s wrong. Based on my experience as an undergrad, taking care of something like this ranks right there with a trip to DMV. In my previous call to University College, I got everything I needed taken care of in one simple phone call, so I was hoping my luck would hold. Much to my surprise, I left a phone message for someone, she called me back within a reasonable amount, and totally handled everything I needed. I’m starting to thing this level of service is the rule rather than the exception, and it makes me feel even better about my choice of schools.

Another non-Syracuse related library situation has thankfully been resolved for me. At some point this summer, I checked out a picture book for my youngest daughter. We are big library patrons, and have lots of books checked out at any given time, usually with multiple due dates. I was really trying to clean things up at home before I left for boot camp, and I returned all my outstanding library books, except for the ones I actually took to Syracuse. When I got back from bootcamp and took out the books I had for one of my classes, this picture book was still showing as checked out on my account. My husband, children and I all tore the house apart looking for this book, because library books have been known to surface from under the beds, between couch sections, and other assorted areas throughout the house. Although I was pretty sure I was going to end up paying for this book, on the eve of our vacation I asked one of the library clerks if they could also look for it, as I was almost certain I had returned it. Lo and behold, the book is now off my account! I’m not sure how it turned up, I will have to ask when I stop in next. It was a great feeling as a patron, but also a lesson for this future librarian.

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