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IST 612 – Day 5

August 1, 2009

Today was the last day of Youth Services. Young Adult/Teen offerings and classroom management ideas were the subject of the day. The remainder of our class presented their book talks – what an amazing group this has been! Everyone did so well on their book talks, and my list of books to read has grown quite long these last two days.

We had library issues discussions, and each group presented on theirs. One common theme that ran through all my classes here this summer is the number of issues that we will have to deal with in the library and information professions. There is no shortage of these issues, and no shortage of ways to look at them. My classmates in this class were amazing, because the different takes on all these issues really broadened my outlook. Barbara was a great instructor for this class, as she could draw from a variety of experiences to give us perspective on some of these issues.

After class, I got my car all packed up and headed home. I am just exhausted! It is so much work to get 7 credits done in two week’s time, but I’m glad I did. By the end of 2009, I’ll be one-third the way to my degree – the journey is underway!~

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