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IST 612, Day 3

July 30, 2009

My eyes are pretty bleary by now. I am working on an assignment for my Youth Services class which involves selecting and creating an annotated bibliography of 200 items for a school library collection. It is really hard to select books in this size collection, especially non-fiction. It takes some time trying to figure out what the best book for a particular subject is, because you can’t choose too many titles on any one topic. I found the non-fiction selections to be much harder than the picture books or fiction. I do have an advantage, in that I have 3 critics at home who helped me make several selections on my list. Don’t worry, I will be sure and cite them!

Our class today touched on such topics as: how to manage library volunteers/aids; some resources for non-English speakers and differently-abled students; different genres; how to connect kids with literature. We did several variations of a human bar graph, which I think would have great appeal for kids. Barbara also did more book talks, and then we broke up into small groups for literary circle discussions. She also opens each class with a great tid-bit: today’s was the word-a-day at I’m getting some great websites and great titles out of this class – I’ll try to post them all here next week.

Tonight there was a reception for celebrity librarian Nancy Pearl here at the iSchool. Even though I’m not taking her class, I have talked to several people who are. They are in unanimous praise of her! It’s very exciting to be in a program that can attract such great faculty.

I now have only two nights left in Watson Hall. Although the cinder-block walls and the blue fuzzy blanket are growing on me (I actually referred to my dorm room as “home” today), I will be very happy to leave dorm life to the younger college crowd. Rest assured SU parents, that your money is going to your child’s education and not glitzy dorms!

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