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IST 612 – Day Two

July 28, 2009

Book Talks & Book Reviews! We spent a good deal of time in class today on those topics. Going into this class, I was not really sure what a book talk was supposed to be like. Even the resources in our syllabus and those I could find online couldn’t quite capture the essence of what a book talk really is. Barbara modeled several book talks for us, and it is much less intimidating to me now. I have my three books selected, and just have to fine tune my presentation. Thank goodness I don’t have a room mate this week, because I’m sure I’ll be practicing aloud between now and Friday.

We also got direction on how to write a book review. This was a bit easier for me, because I read alot of book reviews. Barbara also showed us a great idea on how to do a book review project – take a manilla file folder, put the cover of the book on the front, the book and author information on the inside left of the folder, put reviews on the inside right (both professional reviews and your own), and leave the back open for comments. These can be placed throughout the library to provide a sort of interactive reader advisory for students. (Note: you can use colored folders to note different genres, non-fiction vs. fiction, etc.)

We also delved briefly in to copyright issues in schools. She gave us some great resources to get more information, Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide by Carol Mann Simpson is one. I’ll definitely be adding this to my personal bookshelf. I believe we will also learn more about this in IST618. This has come up in every class so far, so I don’t think you can know too much about this topic.

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