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IST 511- Day 5

July 26, 2009

Friday’s class was our last day of 511. After a presentation from the Writing Center that detailed the services they offer to distance students (which are quite impressive, by the way), Professor Nicholson gave us information on professional communication and networking. My experience is in sales, so I knew the basics of this already. Moving four times between 2000 and 2005 has also taught me that in order to meet people, I have to move out my comfort zone and both approach people and be approachable. Nonetheless, it was very helpful to hear insights from Scott and Tasha about library specific tips.

The Parade of Librarians today was school media specialists! YEAH!!! The PoL this week has made me question my decision to specialize in school media, because there have been so many librarians that have made other areas of librarianship sound so interesting. When I truly think of what gave me the motivation and confidence to apply to this program, it was my volunteer work at my childrens’ school. I worked with literacy groups and did literacy centers, and I really loved it. So to hear from three practicing school media specialists this week has been a reaffirmation of this decision.

The week culminated in the Library Poster session, which took place in Bird Library. There were fourteen groups, each one presenting a poster on a current library issue. Our group selected public library presence in Second Life, and I learned alot about the issue while doing the research. We each took 45 minutes and manned our poster table, discussing the issue with our instructors, fellow classmates, LIS faculty members, and area librarians. Having worked at trade shows for AT&T in the past, I really enjoyed this part of class. Although my voice got raspy by the end, it was fun interacting with all the different people who stopped by our poster and asked questions. I also enjoyed seeing all the different issues the other groups tackled, and getting more information on it. Congratulations to Group 14, and best of luck to them at ALA 2010!

Thank you to Scott & Tasha for a great week. Although it was more work than I imagined, I learned so much this week. Thanks to my fellow classmates, your questions and insights taught me as well. Thanks to Kendra, Jennie, Corey & Ashley for working so hard on our project – even though we didn’t “win”, I learned so much from you and I enjoyed working with you. And finally, thanks to my family – none of this would have been possible without your help and continual support.

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