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IST 511 – Day Four

July 24, 2009

My brain hurts today. Seriously. Not because we had so much to learn today, rather that we didn’t really learn anything. What we talked about today was the ethical side of the library profession. I lost track of how many times Professor Nicholson said that “there’s no right or wrong answer”, because these issues truly have so many facets to them. I know from personal experience that when you’re a public figure, you will hear many viewpoints on just about every decision you have to make. I hope that when/if the time comes that I have to uphold the ethical beliefs of this profession, that I will make the best decision possible.

We finished our library poster this afternoon (except for a few minor touch-ups it requires), and I’m very excited about the poster session. I can’t wait to see what the other teams have come up with, because there are so many issues that I want to explore more. Our issue was public library presence in virtual worlds, and I hope we did it justice. I had a great team, we worked well together, and I think the end result is a good one.

The Parade of Librarians today was a panel discussion on library space. The group was varied, and included a school media specialist, director of library common at Bird Library, and the director of the Liverpool Public Library. This topic fascinates me, and the presentation was great. From cooking classes in a public school library to a cafe in an academic library, to a weather station at a public library – library space is being used in a variety of fashions, and enriching the communities they serve. Tomorrow’s parade group is school librarians, and I’m pretty excited to hear them present!

Tonight is the last night of week #1 – tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in my own bed! YEAH!~

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