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IST 511 – Day Two

July 21, 2009

Today was a hard day for me. I slept the latest I’ve slept since coming to Syracuse, getting up at the indecent hour of 6:45am. I’m normally a nocturnal creature (staying up til about 12-1am, and getting up around 8am), and sleeping in a strange dorm room with the windows and blinds open, next to a construction site, has been a challenge for me. Not sleeping in my own bed, eating meals that I prepared, seeing my husband and children kind of all culminated today. The result is that I have been really tired all day long.

Funny thing is, unlike my undergrad days when staying awake during classes was sometimes a struggle, I have been alert and attentive during my classes. The information we are learning is very interesting, so that helps. I’m also at a time in my life where I am so much more focused than I was in my early 20’s. I want this so much more than I probably would have when I was younger. And the instructors are really great and make what could be a boring topic pretty darn interesting.

The Parade of Librarians continued today, touching on academic and special librarians. One of the librarians, John Schuster, was from Morrisville, which has a branch campus about 10 miles from my home. Living in a rural area, finding an academic library (or institution for that matter) is harder to get to, usually involving driving some time. This is the closest academic library to me, and it was very cool to hear from someone that works at its parent institution. My takeaway from his talk (aside from all the cool places I didn’t know librarianship could take someone) was to be patron-driven. “Don’t worry about your image, do good work”. It’s good advice for career and for life.

Jan Fleckenstein works at the Barclay Law Library here at Syracuse. I heard her speak at the March Admitted Student Reception, but only for a few minutes. She spoke for about 30 minutes today, and her main message was to be ready to teach in an academic setting. Because I’m in the school media program, that message spoke volumes to me. Learning the curriculum here is only part of the mission; the other part will be to take it and teach it to others.

My library poster group has decided on Second Life and Public Libraries. I’ll be researching that topic and will have more to say about that as the week progresses.

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