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Social Networking – Podcasts

July 17, 2009

One of the topics in our social networking assignment is podcasts. Admittedly I am rather a latecomer to the world of mp3/iPod’s, having just recently got one in the last year. (My husband won an iPod touch at a conference he attended, and I was the lucky recipient!) I will also admit to completely underutilizing it. As a mom of three, I don’t have a ton of opportunities to wear earphones and drown everyone out, although there are days I really want to! I do take my iPod to the gym with me, and listen there. But unfortunately I use my iPod so infrequently that all the podcasts I subscribed to stopped popping up into my iTunes list because I didn’t download them in a timely fashion.

I enjoyed the section on podcasts in 23 Things, but the resources to locate podcasts were out of date. Two out of three of them were broken links, which was kind of disappointing. I am now looking through iTunes for some podcast suggestions to add to my GoogleReader. I am hoping that having new ones pop up there will allow me to listen to them in a more timely fashion than relying on my iPod.

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