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Library Research

July 17, 2009

The Portable MLIS: Insights From the Experts

Chapter 15: Research, by Ron Powell

I have to admit that reading this chapter left me feeling more than a little inadequate. My life experiences have not really provided a strong background in the kind of research Powell describes throughout the chapter. In fact, prior to reading this chapter and my instructors’ bios, I didn’t really consider the library as the subject of research.

We live in a data driven world where decisions, methods, practices are made using data. With Web 2.0’s rise providing new avenues and new area for research, this will continue and probably grow.

The rationales that Evans puts forth should be in line with every library professionals goals. I look forward to learning more about, and hopefully participating in some type of research during my studies at the iSchool.

Powell, R. (2008). Research. In K. Haycock & B.E. Sheldon (Ed.), The Portable MLIS: Insights From the Experts, (pp. 112-126). Westport, CT: Greenwood.

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