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June 4, 2009

This blog was created for a social networking assignment for the first course I’m taking at SU, IST511 (Introduction to the Library and Information Profession). In addition to learning about the social networking tools that are available, we are also using them. For RSS feeds, our assignment was to sign up for an RSS feeder reader and then subscribe to at least five blogs from library professionals.

While I consider myself a seasoned web user, I had not subscribed or followed RSS feeds prior to starting this assignment. Why? I have to admit I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my web-browsing. I usually sign in around the same time each day, and check out my usual websites in the same order each day. These sites include blogs and forums. Some sites would have new updates or entries, some would not. I wouldn’t know until I actually visited the site. This takes time, and in my life before grad school, I had the time to do this. I know my time will be much more limited once I officially start my studies.

After completing the required reading and presentations on RSS feeds, I began searching for my five library related blogs. I think I found a good variety of blogs, ranging from serious library issues to more humorous material. I’ve found blogs by fellow LIS students from Syracuse, and enjoyed catching a glimpse of what lies ahead of me. After finding my library related blogs, I also added some of my personal favorites.

The blogs I’ve subscribed to thus far:

  1. Awful Library Books
  2. Hedgehog Librarian
  3. The Blue Skunk Blog
  5. LibraryBytes
  6. The Shifted Librarian
  7. Unshelved
  8. AASL Blog
  9. Karen the Librarian
  10. SU’s MSLIS Blog

Some of my personal favorites include the New York Mets blog, a DisneyWorld travelblog, a good friend’s travelblog about her travels in Northern Ireland, and several cooking blogs.

I am now a converted RSS feed subscriber. I can’t believe that it took me so long to see the value they offer. Now instead of checking all my websites in order, I can scan my Google Reader and only check the updates (still in order – old habits die hard!).

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