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The First Step

May 12, 2009

This is not really related to my studies at Syracuse, but since it is library related I’m going to post it.

My local public library, the Oxford Memorial Library, has a display case that showcases all kinds of interesting displays. Many of them are from collections of patrons, some are displays of workshops the library features. I’ve offered my collection of Beatrix Potter books and collectibles for their display, and I’m putting it in there today. The librarian asked me to write up a brief description of my collection and how I came to acquire it.

In the process of trying to write this description, I found myself remembering back to when I first found a love of Beatrix Potter’s beautiful illustrations and charming stories. It all started at the library, my school library to be specific, when I was in kindergarten. In the last half of the year of kindergarten, we were allowed to check out books. The Tale of Mrs. TiggyWinkle is the first book that I can ever remember checking out on my own. I took the book home after morning kindergarten, and spent the afternoon with my grandmother. I can still remember sitting on her front porch and eating a toasted cheese sandwich while I listened to her read that book to me. I was hooked, on Beatrix Potter, books and libraries!

I have to thank my school librarian for steering me toward that book. It was the beginning of a lifelong collection that now includes all 23 books, several Royal Albert/Royal Doulton figurines, a tea set and a snowglobe collection. It was also the beginning of a lifelong love of books, reading and libraries. I hope that showcasing my collection in the Oxford Library will help someone else find a love for these books or reading in general.

Ultimately, while this post is not related to any assignment, it is certainly related to my studies at Syracuse. Checking out that book was probably the very first step in this journey.

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